Our Best Pet Services

Explore all of our Pet Transportation Services.
We offer a wide range of services that accommodates everyone’s needs. Whether you are on a budget or need to get your pet directly to its destination quickly, Pup Up N’ Play has you covered. Feel free to learn more about our pet shipping services below.

Shared Ride

Ride Share pet transport is great way save money by adding your pet to a set route with 2 to 5 other pets on-board. During transport we will conduct walking, water, food breaks every 3-4 hours. We provide updates every break with photos or videos to respective clients. Every fur pal is handled one at a time during trip for safety measurements. Fur pals can be in transport from 1-4 days depending on pick up/ drop off destination location.

Air Pet Transport

Air pet transport is one of our fastest mode of transportation for fur pals. We offer air cabin pet transport and cargo transport (which will depend case by case as Covid-19 as change policy per airlines). Pricing will include ticket and pet delivery fee. Deliver specialist will transport from airport-to-airport same day if available. Please contact us to gather more information for all pet delivery.

All transport services (except flights) comes with USDA approved kennels, water, multiple exercise breaks (not for cats or puppies under 8 weeks), disposable water bowels, extra collar and leashes. All owners/ breeders will be responsible for providing an adequate amount of food for transport.

Private Pet Transport

Private pet transport is an exclusive service we offer that is specialize for individual fur pal transport. Prices for private pet transport can be more costly than ride share pet transport. Please contact us to inquire about private pet transport prices.

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